2020 Calendar  as at Saturday, 21st December 2019

DateCompetition TypeDescription
04-Jan-2020STROKEJanuary Monthly Medal
11-Jan-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
18-Jan-2020PARClub Event
25-Jan-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
01-Feb-2020STROKEFebruary Monthly Medal
08-Feb-2020PARClub Event - Punters Club Weekend
15-Feb-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
22-Feb-2020GRANDPARClub Event - GrandPar Competition
29-Feb-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
07-Mar-2020STROKEMarch Monthly Medal - Matchplay Rd 1 starts - AGM
14-Mar-2020PARClub Event
21-Mar-2020STABLEFORDStuart Clarke Memorial Round 1 - Committee Meeting
28-Mar-2020STABLEFORDStuart Clarke Memorial Final Round - Club Lunch
04-Apr-2020STROKEApril Monthly Medal - Matchplay Rd 2 starts
11-Apr-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
18-Apr-2020PARClub Event
25-Apr-2020STABLEFORDClub Event - Priems Cup Round
02-May-2020STROKEMay Monthly Medal - Matchplay quarter-finals start
09-May-2020PARDavid Ford Autumn Cup Round 1 - Committee Meeting
16-May-2020PARDavid Ford Autumn Cup Final Round - Club Lunch
23-May-2020GRANDPARClub Event - GrandPar Competition
30-May-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
06-Jun-2020STROKEJune Monthly Medal- Matchplay semi-finals start
13-Jun-2020PARClub Event
20-Jun-2020STABLEFORDSocial Event - Solstice Day - Ambrose
27-Jun-2020GRANDPARClub Event - GrandPar Competition
04-Jul-2020STROKEJuly Monthly Medal
11-Jul-2020STABLEFORDClub Event - Matchplay Final and Play-off
18-Jul-2020STABLEFORDFred Howe Winter Cup Round 1 - Committee Meeting
25-Jul-2020STABLEFORDFred Howe Winter Cup Final Round - Club Lunch
01-Aug-2020STROKEAugust Monthly Medal
08-Aug-2020PARClub Event
15-Aug-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
22-Aug-2020GRANDPARClub Event - GrandPar Competition
29-Aug-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
05-Sep-2020STROKESeptember Monthly Medal
12-Sep-2020PARClub Event
19-Sep-2020STABLEFORDClub Event - Priems Cup Round
26-Sep-2020GRANDPARClub Event - GrandPar Competition
03-Oct-2020STABLEFORDClub Event - Annual Challenge Weekend
10-Oct-2020STROKEOctober Monthly Medal
17-Oct-2020PARFred Kitson Spring Cup Round 1 - Committee Meeting
24-Oct-2020PARFred Kitson Spring Cup Final Round - Club Lunch
31-Oct-2020PARClub Event
07-Nov-2020STROKENovember Monthly Medal
14-Nov-2020STABLEFORDClub Event
21-Nov-2020PARClub Event
28-Nov-2020STROKEDecember Monthly Medal - Calcutta - Last Points 2020 - Strokeplay Championship Rd 1
05-Dec-2020STROKEVin O'Meara Christmas Cup Round 1 - Strokeplay Championship Rd 2 - Committee Meeting
12-Dec-2020STROKEVin O'Meara Christmas Cup Final Round - Strokeplay Championship Rd 3
19-Dec-2020STROKE/STABLEFORDStuart Clarke Champions of Champions Tournament - Breakiup and Trophy Presentations
26-Dec-2020PARClub Event