Trophies Hall of Fame

Recipient, Year and Trophy Order     Report printed on Sunday, 22nd December 2019

Bob McDonald (Tied)2007Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
?1995Best 3 Stableford Winner
?1996Best 3 Par Winner
?1996Best 3 Stroke Winner
?1996Club Champion B Grade
?1996Medal of Medals Winner
?1997Best 3 Stableford Winner
?1997Best 3 Stroke Winner
?1998Best 3 Par Winner
?1998Best 3 Stroke Winner
?1998Eclectic Winner
?2000Best 3 Par Winner
?2000Best 3 Stroke Winner
?2000Club Championship Runner-up
Adam Hebblethwaite2005David Primrose Champion of Champions
Adam Hebblethwaite2005Monthly Medal 06 - June
Adrian Mugavin1995Fred Howe Winter Cup Runner Up
Alan Hewett1995Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Alan Hewett1995Medal of Medals Winner
Alan Hewett1995Monthly Medal 08 - August
Alan Hewett1995Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Alan Hewett1996Monthly Medal 11 - November
Alan Hewett1997June Ambrose Pairs
Alan Hewett1997Monthly Medal 04 - April
Alan Hewett1997Monthly Medal 06 - June
Allan2006CAD Award
Allan2007CAD Award
Allan Davies1992Christmas Competition
Allan Davies1995Eclectic Winner
Allan Davies1996Best 3 Stableford Winner
Allan Davies1996Eclectic Winner
Allan Davies1996Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Allan Davies1997August Ambrose Pairs
Allan Davies1997Monthly Medal 03 - March
Allan Davies1998Best 3 Stableford Winner
Allan Davies1998Club Championship Runner-up
Allan Davies1998Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Allan Davies1998Monthly Medal 11 - November
Allan Davies2002Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Allan Davies2003Club Championship Winner
Allan Davies2004Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Allan Davies2005Best 3 Par Winner
Allan Davies2005Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Allan Davies2006Club Championship Third
Allan Davies2006David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Allan Davies2006Hole in one 18th hole
Allan Davies2009Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Allan Davies2017Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Allan Davies (Shared)2008CAD Award
Andrew Blight2006Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Andrew Blight2007Best 3 Stroke Winner
Andrew Blight2007Monthly Medal 10 - October
Andrew Blight2013Monthly Medal 02 - February
Andrew Blight2014Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Andrew Blight2015Best 3 Stableford Winner (eq)
Andrew Blight2015Seniors Championship Runner-up
Andrew Blight2017Eclectic Winner
Andrew Petricola1996December Ambrose Pairs Winners
Andrew Petricola1996Monthly Medal 06 - June
Andrew Petricola1996Monthly Medal 12 - December
Andrew Petricola1997June Ambrose Pairs
Andrew Petricola1997May Ambrose Pairs
Andrew Petricola1997September Ambrose Pairs
Andrew Petricola1998Monthly Medal 02 - February
Andrew Petricola1998Monthly Medal 09 - September
Andrew Petricola1999Monthly Medal 04 - April
Andrew Petricola1999Monthly Medal 12 - December
Andrew Petricola2001Best 3 Stableford Winner
Andrew Petricola2001Monthly Medal 09 - September
Andrew Petricola2002Eclectic Winner
Andrew Petricola2002Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Andrew Petricola2004Eclectic Winner
Andrew Petricola2004Matchplay Championship Winner
Andrew Petricola2004Monthly Medal 02 - February
Andrew Petricola2005Best 3 Stableford Winner
Andrew Petricola2005Monthly Medal 05 - May
Andrew Petricola2009Annual Challenge Runner Up
Andrew Petricola2009Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Andrew Petricola2010David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Andrew Petricola2010Monthly Medal 07 - July
Andrew Petricola2011Club Championship Winner
Andrew Petricola2012Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Andrew Petricola2012Monthly Medal 08 - August
Andrew Petricola2013Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Andrew Petricola2013Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Andrew Petricola2015Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Winner
Andrew Petricola2015Eclectic Winner
Andrew Petricola2015Monthly Medal 08 - August
Andrew Petricola2016Best 3 Stroke Winner (eq)
Andrew Petricola2016Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Runner-up
Andrew Petricola2016Monthly Medal 12 - December
Andrew Petricola2017Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
Andrew Petricola2017Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Winner
Andrew Petricola2017David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Andrew Petricola2017Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Andrew Petricola2017Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Andrew Petricola2018Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Winner
Andrew Petricola2018Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Andrew Petricola2018Monthly Medal 12 - December
Andrew Petricola2019David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Andrew Petricola2019Monthly Medal 06 - June
Andrew Petricola2019Monthly Medal 11 - November
Andrew Tome1999Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Andrew Tome2000Monthly Medal 12 - December
Andrew Tome2001Best 3 Stroke Winner
Andrew Tome2001Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Andrew Tome2001Monthly Medal 03 - March
Andrew Tome2002Monthly Medal 06 - June
Andrew Tome2003David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Andrew Tome2003David Primrose Champion of Champions
Andrew Tome2003Monthly Medal 05 - May
Andrew Tome2004Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Andrew Tome2005Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Andrew Tome2006Melbourne Cup Weekend Runner Up
Andrew Tome2007Monthly Medal 03 - March
Ashley Spicer2001Best 3 Par Winner
Ashley Spicer2001Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Ben Akdag2011Matchplay Championship Winner
Ben Akdag2011Monthly Medal 07- July
Ben Akdag2019Best 3 Stableford Winner
Ben Smith2001Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Ben Smith2002Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Ben Smith2004David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Bill Eastoe2010Monthly Medal 05 - May
Bill Eastoe2010Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Bill Eastoe2011Monthly Medal 08 - August
Bill Eastoe2012Monthly Medal 07 - July
Bill Eastoe2012Monthly Medal 09 - September
Bill Eastoe2012Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Bill Eastoe2014Best 3 Par Winner
Bill Eastoe2014Monthly Medal 09 - September
Bill Eastoe2014Seniors Championship Runner-up
Bill Eastoe2016Club Championship Winner
Bill Eastoe2016Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
Bill Eastoe2016Seniors Championship Winner
Bill Eastoe2016Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Bill Eastoe2016Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Bill Eastoe2017Monthly Medal 09 - September
Bill Eastoe2018Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Bill Eastoe2018Hole in One 12th Hole
Bill Eastoe2018Matchplay Championship Third
Bill Eastoe2018Monthly Medal 08 - August
Bill Eastoe2019Monthly Medal 10 - October
Bob McDonald1995Best 3 Stroke Winner
Bob McDonald1995Monthly Medal 02 - February
Bob McDonald1996Monthly Medal 10 - October
Bob McDonald1997Melbourne Cup Weekend Runner Up
Bob McDonald1998Monthly Medal 03 - March
Bob McDonald2002Best 3 Stableford Winner
Bob McDonald2003Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Bob McDonald2003Hole in one 7th Hole
Bob McDonald2003Monthly Medal 09 - September
Bob McDonald2006Monthly Medal 01 - January
Bob McDonald2006Monthly Medal 09 - September
Bob McDonald2015Monthly Medal 09 - September
Bob McDonald2016Seniors Championship Third
Bob McDonald2016Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Bob McDonald2017Monthly Medal 05 - May
Bob McDonald2017Seniors Championship Third
Bob McDonald2019Monthly Medal 02 - February
Brendon Mitchell2003Monthly Medal 06 - June
Brendon Mitchell2003Monthly Medal 07 - July
Brendon Mitchell2005Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Brendon Mitchell2005Monthly Medal 10 - October
Brendon Mitchell2011Monthly Medal 09 - September
Brendon Mitchell2014Hole in one 15th Hole
Brendon Mitchell2014Monthly Medal 12 - December
Brendon Mitchell2014Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Brendon Mitchell2015Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
Brendon Mitchell2015Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Brendon Mitchell2016Club Championship Runner-up
Brendon Mitchell2016Eclectic Winner
Brendon Mitchell2016Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Brendon Mitchell2017Monthly Medal 08 - August
Brendon Mitchell2018Best 3 Par Winner
Brendon Mitchell2018Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Brendon Mitchell2018Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Runner-up
Brendon Mitchell2018Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Brendon Mitchell2019Club Championship Third
Brent Rowley2017Annual Challenge
Cancelled due to Golf Course renovations1996Monthly Medal 08 - August
Cancelled due to Golf Course renovations1996Monthly Medal 09 - September
Chris Priems1995Monthly Medal 04 - April
Chris Priems1995Monthly Medal 10 - October
Chris Priems1995Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Chris Priems1996Monthly Medal 04 - April
Chris Priems1997Eclectic Winner
Chris Priems1998Monthly Medal 04 - April
Chris Priems1998Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Chris Priems1999Ambrose Pairs Winners
Chris Priems1999Monthly Medal 03 - March
Chris Priems1999Monthly Medal 06 - June
Chris Priems2000Monthly Medal 05 - May
Chris Priems2001Club Championship Third
Chris Priems2001Matchplay Championship Winner
Chris Priems2002Monthly Medal 01 - January
Chris Priems2003Best 3 Par Winner
Chris Priems2004Best 3 Par Winner
Chris Priems2004Club Championship Third
Chris Priems2004Hole in one 18th hole
Chris Priems2004Monthly Medal 03 - March
Chris Priems2005Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Chris Priems2005Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Chris Priems2006Club Championship Winner
Chris Priems2006Monthly Medal 07 - July
Chris Priems2007Eclectic Winner
Chris Priems2007Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Chris Priems2008Club Championship Winner
Chris Priems2008David Primrose Champion of Champions
Chris Priems2008Eclectic Winner
Chris Priems2008Matchplay Championship Winner
Chris Priems2008Monthly Medal 04 - April
Chris Priems2009Best 3 Stableford Winner
Chris Priems2010Club Championship Runner-up
Chris Priems2010Monthly Medal 01 - January
Chris Priems2012Monthly Medal 06 - June
Chris Priems2013Monthly Medal 03 - March
Chris Priems2014Best 3 Stroke Winner
Chris Priems2014Club Championship Third
Chris Priems2014Monthly Medal 02 - February
Chris Priems2014Monthly Medal 03 - March
Chris Priems2015Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Chris Priems2015Monthly Medal 03 - March
Chris Priems2016Best 3 Stroke Winner (eq)
Chris Priems2016Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Chris Priems2016Monthly Medal 05 - May
Chris Priems2017Monthly Medal 11 - November
Chris Priems2019Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Chris Priems (Tied)2005Club Championship Third
Chris Vinecombe2014Monthly Medal 05 - May
Chris Vinecombe2016Monthly Medal 04 - April
Craig Cameron2014Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Craig Cameron2016Monthly Medal 11 - November
Craig Cameron2016Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Craig Sharp1997Monthly Medal 12 - December
Craig Sharp1998Monthly Medal 05 - May
Craig Sharp1998Monthly Medal 10 - October
Craig Sharp2004Melbourne Cup Weekend Runner Up
Craig Sharp2005Club Championship Runner-up
Craig Sharp2005David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Craig Sharp2005Melbourne Cup Weekend Runner Up
Craig Sharp2005Monthly Medal 08 - August
Craig Sharp2005Monthly Medal 12 - December
Craig Sharp2006Monthly Medal 04 - April
Craig Sharp2007Monthly Medal 05 - May
Craig Sharp2008Monthly Medal 10 - October
Craig Sharp2009Club Championship Runner-up
Craig Sharp2009Matchplay Championship Winner
Craig Sharp2009Monthly Medal 12 - December
Craig Sharp2010Monthly Medal 04 - April
Craig Sharp2011Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Craig Sharp2013Best 3 Stroke Winner
Craig Sharp2013Monthly Medal 01 - January
Craig Sharp2013Monthly Medal 09 - September
Craig Sharp2014Matchplay Championship Winner
Craig Sharp2015Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Dale Webb2017Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Dale Webb2018Monthly Medal 01 - January
Dale Webb2018Monthly Medal 07 - July
Dale Webb2019Chump of Chumps
Damien Lee2004Monthly Medal 10 - October
Damien Lee2004Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Damien Lee2005Monthly Medal 04 - April
Damien Lee2005Monthly Medal 07 - July
Damien Lee2006Club Championship Runner-up
Damien Lee2006David Primrose Champion of Champions
Damien Lee2006Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Damien Lee2006Monthly Medal 10 - October
Damien Lee2006Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Damien Lee2007Melbourne Cup Weekend Runner Up
Damien Lee2007Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Damien Lee2008Best 3 Par Winner
Damien Lee2008Melbourne Cup Weekend Runner Up
Damien Lee2009Club Championship Winner
Damien Lee2009Monthly Medal 04 - April
Damien Lee2009Monthly Medal 06 - June
Damien Lee2009Monthly Medal 10 - October
Damien Lee2010Club Championship Winner
Damien Lee2010Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Damien Lee2010Matchplay Championship Winner
Damien Lee2011Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Damien Lee2012Matchplay Championship Winner
Damien Lee2013Club Championship Runner-up
Damien Lee2013Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Damien Lee2014Monthly Medal 06 - June
Damien Lee2017Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Damien Lee2018Monthly Medal 04 - April
Damien Lee (Tied)2005Best 3 Stroke Winner
Damien Lee (Tied)2009Best 3 Stroke Winner
Daniel O'Rourke2018Chump of Chumps
Darren Curnow1996Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Darren Curnow1997Best 3 Par Winner
Darren Curnow1997Monthly Medal 05 - May
Darren Curnow1998Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Darren Curnow2006Monthly Medal 05 - May
David Ford1988Christmas Competition
David Ford1995Best 3 Par Winner
David Ford1995Monthly Medal 05 - May
David Ford1997Club Championship Winner
David Ford1997March Ambrose Pairs Winners
David Ford1997Monthly Medal 02 - February
David Ford1999Best 3 Stableford Winner
David Ford2000Monthly Medal 01 - January
David Ford2000Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
David Ford2002Matchplay Championship Winner
David Ford2002Monthly Medal 08 - August
David Ford2003Monthly Medal 03 - March
David Ford2004Monthly Medal 05 - May
David Ford2005Monthly Medal 01 - January
David Ford2006Monthly Medal 02 - February
David Ford (Tied)2007Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
David Howard2002Monthly Medal 10 - October
David Howard2003Best 3 Stroke Winner
David Howard2003Club Championship Third
David Howard2003Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
David Howard2004Best 3 Stroke Winner
David Howard2004Monthly Medal 09 - September
David Howard2005Monthly Medal 02 - February
David Howard2007David Primrose Champion of Champions
David Howard2007Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
David Howard2010Annual Challenge Runner Up
David Howard2010Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
David Howard2011Monthly Medal 03 - March
David Howard2013Monthly Medal 08 - August
David Mullenger2019Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
David Mullenger2019Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Winner
David Mullenger2019Matchplay Championship Winner
David Mullenger2019Vardon Trophy
David Primrose1999Club Championship Winner
David Primrose1999Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
David Primrose1999Matchplay Championship Winner
David Primrose1999Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
David Primrose1999Monthly Medal 07 - July
David Primrose1999Monthly Medal 08 - August
David Primrose2000Club Championship Winner
David Primrose2000Eclectic Winner
David Primrose2000Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
David Primrose2000Monthly Medal 06 - June
David Primrose2001Club Championship Winner
David Primrose2001Eclectic Winner
David Primrose2001Hole in one 7th Hole
David Primrose2001Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
David Primrose2001Monthly Medal 02 - February
David Primrose2001Monthly Medal 08 - August
David Primrose2001Monthly Medal 10 - October
David Primrose2001Monthly Medal 12 - December
David Rees2008Best 3 Stroke Winner
David Rees2008Monthly Medal 07 - July
David Rees2008Monthly Medal 09 - September
David Rees2010Annual Challenge Winner
David Rees2010Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
David Rees2011Monthly Medal 05 - May
Dean Mortlock2000Monthly Medal 04 - April
Denis Smith1995Club Champion B Grade
Denis Smith1996December Ambrose Pairs Winners
Denis Smith1996Fred Howe Winter Cup Runner Up
Dennis Ward2015Monthly Medal 06 - June
Dennis Ward2016Monthly Medal 01 - January
Dennis Ward2017Best 3 Par Winner
Dennis Ward2017Monthly Medal 07 - July
Dennis Ward2017Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Dennis Ward2018Seniors Championship Third
Dennis Ward2019Monthly Medal 07 - July
Dennis Ward2019Monthly Medal 08 - August
Dennis Ward2019Seniors Championship Runner-up
Dennis Ward2019Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Derek McDonald2000Monthly Medal 07 - July
Derek McDonald2000Monthly Medal 08 - August
Derek McDonald2003Monthly Medal 02 - February
Derek McDonald2003Monthly Medal 11 - November
Derek McDonald2008Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Derek McDonald2008Monthly Medal 03 - March
Des Nixon1996Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Des Nixon1997June Ambrose Pairs
Des Nixon1999Ambrose Pairs Winners
Des Nixon2001Monthly Medal 11 - November
Ed Kloprogge2008Monthly Medal 01 - January
Ed Kloprogge2009Annual Challenge Winner
Ed Kloprogge2012Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Ed Kloprogge2013Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Ed Kloprogge2013Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Ed Kloprogge2013Monthly Medal 05 - May
Ed Kloprogge2013Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Ed Kloprogge2013Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Ed Kloprogge2014Club Championship Winner
Ed Kloprogge2014Monthly Medal 10 - October
Ed Kloprogge2014Seniors Championship Winner
Ed Kloprogge2015Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Ed Kloprogge2017Monthly Medal 04 - April
Ed Kloprogge2018Monthly Medal 03 - March
Emilio Bassi2008Monthly Medal 05 - May
Emilio Bassi2010Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Emilio Bassi2012Monthly Medal 01 - January
Frank O'Meara1996Monthly Medal 02 - February
Fred Grifone1997Monthly Medal 11 - November
Fred Howe1995Monthly Medal 09 - September
Fred Howe1996December Ambrose Pairs Winners
Fred Howe1996Hole in one 18th Hole
Fred Howe1998Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Fred Howe2001Monthly Medal 06 - June
Fred Howe2002David Primrose Champion of Champions
Fred Howe2002Monthly Medal 09 - September
Fred Howe2003Monthly Medal 08 - August
Fred Howe2003Monthly Medal 12 - December
Fred Kitson2005Monthly Medal 09 - September
Fred Kitson2007Monthly Medal 01 - January
Fred Kitson (Tied)2005Best 3 Stroke Winner
Gabe Sorrentino2001Monthly Medal 04 - April
Gerry Barber1997August Ambrose Pairs
Gerry Barber1997March Ambrose Pairs Winners
Gordon Hill2000Best 3 Stableford Winner
Gordon Hill2000Monthly Medal 10 - October
Gordon Hill2001Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Gordon Hill2002Monthly Medal 03 - March
Gordon Hill2002Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Gordon Hill2004Club Championship Runner-up
Gordon Hill2007Best 3 Par Winner
Gordon Hill2008Best 3 Stableford Winner
Gordon Hill2009David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Gordon Hill2009Eclectic Winner
Gordon Hill2009Monthly Medal 02 - February
Gordon Hill2009Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Gordon Hill2010Best 3 Stableford Winner
Gordon HIll2012Club Championship Winner
Gordon HIll2012Seniors Championship Winner
Gordon Hill2013Hole in one 18th Hole
Gordon Hill2013Monthly Medal 11 - November
Gordon Hill2014Monthly Medal 04 - April
Gordon Hill2015Club Championship Third
Gordon Hill2015Monthly Medal 10 - October
Gordon Hill2015Seniors Championship Winner
Gordon Hill2018Seniors Championship Runner-up
Graham Burgen1998Monthly Medal 08 - August
Harry Boughen2015Chump of Chumps
Harry Boughen2015Seniors Championship Third
Harry Boughen2016Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Harry Boughen2016Seniors Championship Runner-up
Harry Boughen2017Club Championship Runner-up
Harry Boughen2017Monthly Medal 12 - December
Harry Boughen2017Seniors Championship Winner
Harry Boughen2018Best 3 Stroke Winner
Harry Boughen2018Monthly Medal 06 - June
Harry Boughen2019Monthly Medal 05 - May
Harry Boughen2019Seniors Championship Third
Ian Tait2000Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Jack Raktham2000Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Jack Raktham2000Monthly Medal 03 - March
Jan Siemon2009Club Championship Third
Jan Siemon2010Club Championship Third
Jan Siemon2010Eclectic Winner
Jan Siemon2010Monthly Medal 12 - December
Jan Siemon2012Hole in one 12th Hole
Jason Grattan2001Monthly Medal 05 - May
Jason Gratton2002Monthly Medal 07 - July
Jason Hopkins2017Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Jason Hopkins2017Monthly Medal 10 - October
Jason Hopkins2017Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Joe Czyewski1999Best 3 Stroke Winner
Joe Czyzewski2000David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Joe Wagenecht2017Chump of Chumps
Joe Wagenecht2017Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
John Masci2002David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
John Quinlan2001David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
John Quinlan2004David Primrose Champion of Champions
John Quinlan2004Monthly Medal 08 - August
John Quinlan2009Monthly Medal 07 - July
John Quinlan2015Matchplay Championship Winner
John Quinlan2015Monthly Medal 05 - May
John Quinlan2015Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
John Quinlan2016Matchplay Championship Winner
John Quinlan2018Best 3 Stableford Winner
John Quinlan2018Club Championship Winner
John Quinlan2018Matchplay Championship Winner
John Quinlan2018Monthly Medal 11 - November
John Quinlan2018Vardon Trophy
John Scanlon1989Christmas Competition
John Schmidt1990Christmas Competition
Kazim Akdag2008Monthly Medal 08 - August
Kazim Akdag2009Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Kazim Akdag2009Monthly Medal 08 - August
Kazim Akdag2010Best 3 Par Winner
Kazim Akdag2010Monthly Medal 08 - August
Kazim Akdag2010Monthly Medal 11 - November
Kazim Akdag2011Monthly Medal 06 - June
Kazim Akdag2013Best 3 Stableford Winner
Kazim Akdag2013Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
Keith Delzoppo1997Fred Howe Winter Cup Runner Up
Keith Delzoppo1999Ambrose Pairs Winners
Keith Delzoppo2007Monthly Medal 04 - April
Ken Grist1991Christmas Competition
Ken Grist1993Christmas Competition
Ken Grist1995Monthly Medal 03 - March
Ken Grist1995Monthly Medal 12 - December
Ken Grist1997Monthly Medal 09 - September
Ken Grist1998Matchplay Championship Winner
Ken Grist1998Monthly Medal 12 - December
Ken Grist1999Monthly Medal 05 - May
Ken Grist2001Club Championship Runner-up
Ken Grist2002Best 3 Stroke Winner
Ken Grist2002Club Championship Third
Ken Grist2002Monthly Medal 02 - February
Ken Grist2002Monthly Medal 05 - May
Ken Grist2005Monthly Medal 03 - March
Ken Grist2007Club Championship Third
Ken Grist2008Club Championship Third
Ken Grist2008Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Ken Grist2009Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Ken Grist2009Monthly Medal 09 - September
Ken Grist2011Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Ken Grist2012Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Ken Grist2013Monthly Medal 07 - July
Ken Grist (Tied)2006Best 3 Stroke Winner
Laurie Mannix2002Monthly Medal 12 - December
Laurie Mannix2004Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Lee Butcher1996Monthly Medal 03 - March
Les Kitchin2016Monthly Medal 02 - February
Mal Fleming2011Monthly Medal 11 - November
Mal Whelan2007Monthly Medal 06 - June
Malcolm Adey2007Monthly Medal 09 - September
Malcolm Adey2007Monthly Medal 12 - December
Malcolm Adey2008David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Malcolm Adey2012Monthly Medal 04 - April
Malcolm Fleming2015Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Mark Berthelsen2015Monthly Medal 02 - February
Mark Casey1996Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Mark Casey1997March Ambrose Pairs Winners
Matt Hunt2018Annual Challenge
Matt Hunt2018Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Matt Hunt2019Monthly Medal 03 - March
Matt Nicholls2017Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Matthew Hunt2016Annual Challenge
Mehmet Akdag2009Monthly Medal 01 - January
Mehmet Akdag2012Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Mehmet Akdag2014Club Championship Runner-up
Mehmet Akdag2014Monthly Medal 01 - January
Mehmet Akdag2014Monthly Medal 08 - August
Mehmet Akdag2014Monthly Medal 11 - November
Mehmet Akdag2015Club Championship Runner-up
Mehmet Akdag2016Best 3 Stableford Winner
Mehmet Akdag2017Monthly Medal 03 - March
Mehmet Akdag (eq)2012Best 3 Stableford Winner
Mehmet Akdag (Tied)2009Best 3 Stroke Winner
Michael Gourlay2015Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Runner-up
Michael Gourlay2016Club Championship Third
Michael Gourlay2016Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Winner
Michael Gourlay2016Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Michael Gourlay2016Monthly Medal 07 - July
Michael Gourlay2016Monthly Medal 09 - September
Michael Gourlay2017Best 3 Stroke Winner
Michael Gourlay2017Club Championship Winner
Michael Gourlay2017Matchplay Championship Winner
Michael Gourlay2017Monthly Medal 06 - June
Michael Wright1997Christmas Competition
Michael Wright1997Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Mick Barden1998Monthly Medal 07 - July
Mike Mann2010Monthly Medal 10 - October
Mike Mann2012David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Mike Mann (eq)2011Seniors Championship Winner
Mike Mann (eq)2012Best 3 Par Winner
Mo Sabih2011Club Championship Third
Mo Sabih2011Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Mo Sabih2011Seniors Championship Runner-up
Mo Sabih2012Best 3 Stroke Winner
Mo Sabih2012Monthly Medal 02 - February
Mo Sabih2012Monthly Medal 12 - December
Mo Sabih2013Monthly Medal 10 - October
Neil Argall1997Monthly Medal 01 - January
Neil Argall1997September Ambrose Pairs
Neil Argall1999Monthly Medal 01 - January
Neil Argall2002Best 3 Par Winner
Neil Argall2002Club Championship Runner-up
Neil Argall2004Monthly Medal 01 - January
Neil Iucano2008Monthly Medal 12 - December
Nick Rogers2002Monthly Medal 11 - November
Nick Rogers2003Monthly Medal 10 - October
Oliver Gross2006Best 3 Par Winner
Oliver Gross2006Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Oliver Gross2007Best 3 Stableford Winner
Oliver Gross2007Club Championship Winner
Oliver Gross2008Monthly Medal 06 - June
Oliver Gross2009Best 3 Par Winner
Oliver Gross2010Best 3 Stroke Winner
Oliver Gross2010Monthly Medal 03 - March
Oliver Gross2011Seniors Championship Third
Oliver Gross2011Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Oliver Gross2011Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Oliver Gross2012Club Championship Third
Oliver Gross2012Monthly Medal 05 - May
Oliver Gross2012Seniors Championship Runner-up
Oliver Gross2013Best 3 Par Winner
Oliver Gross2013Club Championship Winner
Oliver Gross2013Monthly Medal 06 - June
Oliver Gross2013Monthly Medal 12 - December
Oliver Gross2014Best 3 Stableford Winner
Oliver Gross2014Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
Oliver Gross2014Seniors Championship Third
Oliver Gross2014Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Oliver Gross2014Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Paul Clarke2004Best 3 Stableford Winner
Paul Clarke2004Club Championship Winner
Paul Clarke2004Monthly Medal 11 - November
Paul Palladino2003Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Peter Damou2018Monthly Medal 10 - October
Peter Damou2018Stuart Clarke Champion of Champions
Peter Damou2019Eclectic Winner
Rain Abandonment2008Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Rain Abandonment2008Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Richard Hall2010Monthly Medal 06 - June
Richard Hall2013David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Robert Priems1997Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Robert Priems1997Monthly Medal 08 - August
Robert Priems1997Monthly Medal 10 - October
Robert Priems1999David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Robert Priems1999Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Robert Priems1999Monthly Medal 10 - October
Robert Priems2015Annual Challenge
Robert Priems2015Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Robert Priems2016Chump of Chumps
Robert Priems2017Monthly Medal 02 - February
Rod Grant2008Monthly Medal 02 - February
Rod Grant2009Monthly Medal 03 - March
Rod Grant2017Monthly Medal 01 - January
Rod Grant2018Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Rod White2013Monthly Medal 04 - April
Rodger Clarke1997Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Rodger Clarke1997Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Rodger Clarke1997May Ambrose Pairs
Rodger Clarke1999Best 3 Par Winner
Rodger Clarke1999Monthly Medal 11 - November
Rodger Clarke2000Monthly Medal 11 - November
Rodger Clarke2002Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Rodger Clarke2002Monthly Medal 04 - April
Rodger Clarke2003Club Championship Runner-up
Rodger Clarke2003Eclectic Winner
Rodger Clarke2007David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Rodger Clarke2007Monthly Medal 07 - July
Rodger Clarke2008Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Rodger Clarke2009CAD Award
Rodger Clarke2009Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Rodger Clarke2010CAD Award
Rodger Clarke2010Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Rodger Clarke2011Monthly Medal 01 - January
Rodger Clarke2011Monthly Medal 10 - October
Rodger Clarke2011Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Rodger Clarke (Shared)2008CAD Award
Rodney White2014David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Rodney White2018Monthly Medal 09 - September
Rodney White2019Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Ross Trevean2008Monthly Medal 11 - November
Ryan Porker2014Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Ryan Porker2015Best 3 Stableford Winner (eq)
Ryan Porker2015Best 3 Stroke Winner
Ryan Porker2015Club Championship Winner
Ryan Porker2016Monthly Medal 06 - June
Ryan Porker2018Club Stroke Play Championship Runner-up
Ryan Porker2018Eclectic Winner
Ryan Porker2018Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Ryan Porker2019Annual Challenge
Ryan Porker2019Club Championship Winner
Ryan Porker2019Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Runner-up
Ryan Porker2019Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Ryan Porker2019Monthly Medal 04 - April
Ryan Porker2019Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Simon Powell2016Best 3 Par Winner
Simon Powell2018Club Championship Third
Simon Powell2018Seniors Championship Winner
Simon Powell2019Stuart Clarke Memorial Winner
Stefan Belevski2011Club Championship Runner-up
Stefan Belevski2011Monthly Medal 02 - February
Stefan Belevski2013Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Stefan Belevski2013Matchplay Championship Winner
Stefan Belevski2015Best 3 Par Winner
Stefan Belevski2015David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Stefan Belevski2016David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Stefan Belevski2018Matchplay Championship Fourth
Stefan Belevski2018Monthly Medal 05 - May
Stephen Butterfield2004Monthly Medal 06 - June
Stephen Butterfield2005Monthly Medal 11 - November
Stephen Butterfield2006Monthly Medal 06 - June
Stephen Butterfield2006Monthly Medal 08 - August
Stephen Butterfield2007Matchplay Championship Winner
Stephen Butterfield2007Monthly Medal 02 - February
Stephen Butterfield2009Monthly Medal 05 - May
Stephen Butterfield2010Monthly Medal 09 - September
Stephen Butterfield2011Monthly Medal 04 - April
Stephen Butterfield2012Club Championship Runner-up
Stephen Butterfield2012Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Stephen Butterfield2012Monthly Medal 11 - November
Stephen Butterfield2014Eclectic Winner
Stephen Butterfield2014Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Stephen Butterfield2015Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Stephen Butterfield2015Monthly Medal 12 - December
Stephen Butterfield2017Best 3 Stableford Winner
Stephen Butterfield2017Club Championship Third
Stephen Butterfield2017Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Runner-up
Stephen Butterfield2018Club Championship Runner-up
Stephen Butterfield2019Best 3 Par Winner
Stephen Butterfield2019Club Stroke Play Gross Score Championship Runner-up
Stephen Butterfield2019Matchplay Championship Third
Stephen Butterfield2019Vin O'Meara Memorial Winner
Stephen Butterfield (eq)2012Best 3 Stableford Winner
Stephen Butterfield (Tied)2005Club Championship Third
Stephen O'Sullivan2003Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Stephen O'Sullivan2003Monthly Medal 01 - January
Stephen O'Sullivan2004Monthly Medal 12 - December
Stephen O'Sullivan2005Eclectic Winner
Stephen O'Sullivan2006Eclectic Winner
Stephen O'Sullivan2006Monthly Medal 03 - March
Stephen O'Sullivan2008Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Stephen O'Sullivan2011David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Stephen O'Sullivan2012Matchplay Championship Runner-up
Stephen O'Sullivan2014Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Stephen O'Sullivan2014Monthly Medal 07 - July
Stephen O'Sullivan2015Monthly Medal 07 - July
Stephen O'Sullivan2015Monthly Medal 11 - November
Stephen O'Sullivan2016Monthly Medal 08 - August
Stephen O'Sullivan2017Hole in One 18th Hole
Stephen O'Sullivan2018David Ford Autumn Cup Winner
Stephen O'Sullivan2019Monthly Medal 09 - September
Steve Cole1995Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Steve Cole1995Matchplay Championship Winner
Steve Cole1995Monthly Medal 01 - January
Steve Cole1995Monthly Medal 06 - June
Steve Cole1996Club Champion A Grade
Steve Cole1996Club Championship Winner
Steve Cole1996Monthly Medal 01 - January
Steve Cole1996Monthly Medal 05 - May
Steve Cole1997Club Championship Runner-up
Steve Cole1997Matchplay Championship Winner
Steve Cole1997Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Steve Cole1998Club Championship Winner
Steve Cole1998Fred Howe Winter Cup Runner Up
Steve Cole1998Monthly Medal 06 - June
Steve Cole1999Club Championship Runner-up
Steve Cole1999Monthly Medal 09 - September
Steve Cole2003Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Stuart Clarke2001Monthly Medal 07 - July
Stuart Clarke2002Club Championship Winner
Stuart Clarke2003Monthly Medal 04 - April
Stuart Clarke2004Monthly Medal 07 - July
Stuart Clarke2005Club Championship Winner
Stuart Clarke2005Matchplay Championship Winner
Stuart Clarke2006Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Stuart Clarke2007Club Championship Runner-up
Stuart Clarke2007Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Stuart Clarke2007Monthly Medal 11 - November
Stuart Clarke2008Club Championship Runner-up
Targe Mifsud1999Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Targe Mifsud2000Matchplay Championship Winner
Targe Mifsud2000Monthly Medal 02 - February
Targe Mifsud2000Monthly Medal 09 - September
Targe Mifsud2000Vin O'Meara Memorial Runner-up
Targe Mifsud2001David Primrose Champion of Champions
Targe Mifsud2001Monthly Medal 01 - January
Targe Mifsud2003Matchplay Championship Winner
Targe Mifsud2006Matchplay Championship Winner
Targe Mifsud2006Monthly Medal 11 - November
Targe Mifsud2010Monthly Medal 02 - February
Targe Mifsud2012Monthly Medal 03 - March
Targe Mifsud2012Monthly Medal 10 - October
Targe Mifsud2013Club Championship Third
Targe Mifsud2015Monthly Medal 01 - January
Targe Mifsud2016Monthly Medal 10 - October
Targe Mifsud2017Seniors Championship Runner-up
Targe Mifsud2018Monthly Medal 02 - February
Targe Mifsud2019Best 3 Stroke Winner
Targe Mifsud2019Club Championship Runner-up
Targe Mifsud2019Club Stroke Play Championship Winner
Targe Mifsud2019Monthly Medal 01 - January
Targe Mifsud2019Monthly Medal 12 - December
Targe Mifsud2019Seniors Championship Winner
Targe Mifsud (eq)2011Seniors Championship Winner
Tim Dillon2003Best 3 Stableford Winner
Tony Mifsud1995Club Champion A Grade
Tony Mifsud1995Club Championship Winner
Tony Mifsud1995Monthly Medal 07 - July
Tony Mifsud1995Monthly Medal 11 - November
Tony Mifsud1996Monthly Medal 07 - July
Tony Mifsud1999Monthly Medal 02 - February
Tony Mifsud2004Fred Howe Winter Cup Winner
Tony Mifsud2006Best 3 Stableford Winner
Tony Mifsud2007Monthly Medal 08 - August
Tony Mifsud2009Monthly Medal 11 - November
Tony Mifsud2010Fred Kitson Spring Cup Winner
Tony Mifsud2012Seniors Championship Third
Tony Mifsud (eq)2012Best 3 Par Winner
Trevor Jackson1996Matchplay Championship Winner
Trevor Jackson1997Monthly Medal 07 - July
Trevor Jackson1998Monthly Medal 01 - January
Trevor Jackson2006Monthly Medal 12 - December
Trevor Jackson2015Monthly Medal 04 - April
Trevor Jackson2016Monthly Medal 03 - March
Trevor Jackson (Tied)2006Best 3 Stroke Winner
Vin O'Meara1994Christmas Competition
Vin O'Meara1994Melbourne Cup Weekend Winner
Washout2011Monthly Medal 12 - December